What Monday Taught Me

Writing to Remember

Today was a day I didn’t expect, and it got me thinking—replaying the day in my head and a lot of stuff started bubbling to the surface. And I learned some things. Here’s what Monday taught me:

  1. I like to offer help, but I don’t always like to give it. Just typing that makes me cringe because of how true it is. And I never realized this before. I’m quick to step in and offer to save the day, but find it tough to stay humble, positive—I don’t know what—when someone takes me up on it. And I truly believe that I love loving people. And part of that means giving and helping. But I saw today that my words can be more generous than my actions.
  2. I can’t actually save the day so I should really stop trying. That’s probably connected with #1 somehow—maybe I should offer the help I can actually give instead of trying to make everything okay for everyone.
  3. I’m terrible at being sick. I have a cold, and I got annoyed with myself over how much I talked about how I have a cold. And I’m still trying to decide if a cold even counts as “being sick”. TBD.
  4. I believe in my friends a whole lot. That’s as true as it is corny. I’m constantly amazed by the people who love me and who I get to love.
  5. I didn’t get it all right today, and I’m finding it easier to be alright with that.

Monday—All in all, you were a good one. thanks for today. It was a pleasure.

With love,