To My Gifted Friend

Writing to Remember

It's funny how we feel this need to downplay the good stuff- the talents we've been gifted. This letter came after a conversation a friend and I had where we both believed in each other's gifts, but were shy about admitting our own. It's a letter that's true for her, for you and for me. 

To my gifted friend,

I needed to let you know you are in fact gifted. You were wonderfully made for more. You weren’t and aren’t meant to downplay your gifts. You’re meant to use them boldly. Please use them boldly. Please know you’re supported and loved and admired. You impact others. You make them say “there's something special about her”. You make them smile.

Please don’t believe that you’re not gifted. Please don’t believe that you’re not going to do great things with your gifts. You are and you will. Please take time to remember how you’ve been gifted and thank Him for it. Know that you were created by the Creator. He didn’t make a mistake. You are meant to see yourself as the beautiful creation He made you to be.

Thankful for your gifts,

Meri Kate