Keep Fighting. Keep Sharing.

Last month I thought about quitting the blog. I thought about it for lots of reasons. And a lot of those were rooted in insecurity. I worried that I came off too sad or that the whole thing was misunderstood and was perceived as a cry for help instead of a cry to hope. I resisted the urge to lighten it up. Everything that I post comes from what I journal, and I don’t find myself journaling about the light stuff. So it didn’t feel right to add fluff, but it had been half a year of writing about grief that’s been lived day in and day out for over three years and...I started to doubt.

I doubted whether I had heard God as clearly as I know (and knew) I had heard Him when He said this stuff is meant to be shared. I thought maybe since I’ve been pretty busy lately that it was time to move on. Really, I was just looking for Him to tell me to stop sharing. Instead He reminded me of why I was to share in the first place.

The thing is, I had only been focusing on the first half of what God said. I had only been concentrating on the part where He said to share, but I lost sight of the “why”. I had let that part, the most important part, get pushed to the very back corner of my mind and collect dust until someone reached out not too long ago and decided to share their story with me, and it sounded a lot like my own. And then I remembered why.

I remembered that He said to share the story He’s already written for me, the battle He’s already won because in some way or another our battles are a lot more alike than they are different, and His victories aren’t meant to be kept silent. We all have stuff we can either fight against or be defeated by. We’re just given the choice of who we want on our side when the war is waged, and I pick the One who’s already won it all.

So may we not shy away or ignore the stuff that needs fighting, but instead fight it with a strength that’s not our own and perseverance that doesn’t come from ourselves. May we not keep silent for those who are in the trenches and instead choose to rally around them when the heat is on. And may we share our battles to let others know that they’re not fighting alone, giving glory to the One who has given us victory.

Keep fighting. Keep sharing. Keep fighting. Keep sharing...