Friendships That Leave Me Speechless

Writing to Remember

Last weekend a few of my friends took time away from their lives to celebrate mine. One flew across the country. A few drove far too many hours. Some left their husbands at home. One left a husband and a baby. A few had spent the last several weekends celebrating others through weddings and birthdays, writing papers for grad school, attending work conferences, and giving themselves to other friendships never taking a moment of their own. And yet, there they were, standing in the living room of a house 40 minutes outside of Atlanta gathered for a weekend prepared by two friends who had decided my birthday needed to be celebrated, so celebrate we did. And I’ve been at a loss for how to say “thank you” to these friends ever since. I’ve had no words for the two who planned for months to make this whole thing happen and for those that have let me know I’m important to them. So, here’s what I’ll say instead—I am grateful for friendships that leave me speechless.

I’m grateful for friends who really laugh with me and really cry with me. I’m grateful for friends who are the mirror I need when I avoid looking truth directly in the face. I’m grateful for friends who push me to do the stuff I don’t want to do but needs doing. I’m grateful for friends who can appreciate silence. I’m grateful for friends who know how to say the right thing that I had no idea needed to be said. And I’m grateful for friends who like to celebrate.

Find friends who leave you grateful and speechless. They're the best kind of friends to have.